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From section “Sound Effects” I write my experiences and knowledge on sound effects, the theory behind these effects. For guitarists and musicians who want to record songs should this information be very useful. Each time a different effect is explained.


A delay makes the guitar sound like an echo repeated. The guitar sound is recorded and stored, (theoretical) making it possible to hear the sound again one more time. The delay effect is often used with multiple repeats of the original guitar sound and then the sound level (volume) for each repeat is lower (softer).

In the past (’60- ’70) the guitar will be recorded on tape and then immediately turn to play. When they play that in a loop over and over again you can hear a delay. But it’s a lot of cut and paste work. Today, almost all delay effects are digital. The analog guitar signal is first converted to a digital signal so that it is easy to be retained , then the signal goes back into the amp and you hear the digital-to-analog conversion of the sound (there is no physical band (tape) more necessary to take it on).

A delay is used extensively for lead sounds / solo’s but can also be heard regularly on rhythm guitar parts.

Some examples use in guitar:

      1. digdelay

Digital Delay, an echo effect. At the beginning with distortion (and vibrato handle the guitar!). Vanf 16 sec clean, with a very short delay. From 24 sec: short delay with a strong feedback, a “robot” -like sound.

      2. stereodelay

Stereo Delay, Ping Pong Delay, from channel to channel. From 14 seconds timed delay: the tempo. From 18 sec: reversed delay: repeat backwards!


A reverb effect (or reverb), you have to imagine as an effect of the atmosphere by simulating a typical room or place (living room, arena). If you play guitar in your bathroom then it sounds different instead of playing in your living room or in a church. The difference is the size of the place and the materials in the room or place (including the floor, ceiling and walls).

The reverb effect is probably the most common effect of all guitar effects, because it makes the guitar sound lively and more ‘real’.

You can also turn a reverb effect, you get reverse. Curious how that works? Send me a PM and I’ll send you a explanation!

      3. reverb_delay

Reverb / Delay, reverberation (= reverberation) effects. From 13 sec: reverb plus echo (delay). Vanf 27 sec short reverberation.

Concluding an inspiring video about applying reverb to your voice!

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