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Famous Rock Riffs for Guitar !

A piece of cultural history and it’s just part of your musical development for the electric guitarists among us!

Would you like your basic knowledge refresher or quick steal the show? Read more …

There are a lot of riffs selected by difficulty and written in .pdf file. You can import it on your tablet or print it on paper.

As you can see, there are also .GPX files in. These files can be opened with Guitar Pro. This is a program where you’ve to pay for. Consider you also buy this program, I will below some points write down what kind of things it can do and how it helps you improve your guitar skills:

  • You can repeat fragments (in the course) and make slower. An associated feature is the speed trainer. You practice the riff slowly and continue to play faster.
  • Within Guitar Pro you can simulate to play with a band. You have several tracks where you can add a bass line, drum riffle, keys, etc. This works with a tablature / staff editor where you can create your own arrangement. After that you choose which instrument is playing the track.
  • High quality sounds !! The program works with wave samples which coupled with MIDI programming. Don’t worry about programming or difficult manuals, the program is very use friendly and really focused on the musician.
  • Files are easy to export to midi or wave files. So you can make your own “backing track” (accompaniment). Each track can be turned on / off separately. So you can play the guitar while the program supports you!

Within my classes I make frequent use of this program. What I often do, I give my students a backingtrack at home with the pace that is right for them.
Beyond that it is very fun to play along with the drum and bass, it’s also very good for your development as a musician, you learn to listen differently.
I encourage this as much as possible because this is very practical. If you’ve never played with musicians this is the ideal step forward!



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