Blog # Guitartips | 6 tips for guitar motivation !

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Guitar motivation .. You can have the best guitars, effects devices or amplifiers, but that makes you not yet a good guitarist. The key is practice, practice, practice … but that can sometimes be difficult if you don’t have the motivation because things do not work out. That’s the reason why I share you how I stay motivated!zes-tips-voor-je-gitaar-motivatie-11347-w800

Once you’ve decided to learn to play guitar, you bought a guitar and have started with a fresh mind. But one of the most common mistakes playing guitar is that you can’t learn it in one week.

Learning guitar is a process where you take your time for. I always recommend exercising at least 15 minutes a day (or more, but do not force). So if you are considering learning to play guitar, then you focus on two things.

  • The start-up phase: theory learning, learning guitar chords, get calluses on your fingers, exercises for your fingers
  • The development phase: repeat exercises, learn new chords, songs and to exercise every day guitar.

After you make a good foundation and the right start (the charges), you go like a rocket in your further career guitar (the benefits).

2. Do not stay in an exercise that does not work

I often hear from students that they linger in my classes with a particular piece or exercise. Reason?? They manage this curriculum not enough yet. In addition, they forgot one important thing … standing still is going backwards. You can stay six weeks at Lesson 3 and ultimately control it, but you also could continue with the next lesson. Then you already arrived at Lesson 9 and probably learned lesson 3 also been governed since the newer classes would have taught you more skills.

This can also be a song  that you learn to play … Doesn’t got the trick, then put it aside and take it later on. In short, never staying stuck in things that don’t work, but just go ahead and stick with!

3. Listen to music of others and be inspired

Continue with listening to the latest music from artists you unwittingly inspire. You will hear some new music and have something of WOW … I want to play

Listen at a genre where you have never thought about it? I do remember when I was asked for a coverband I came in contact with a lot of new music genres. Because of this I was inspired and I learned many new techniques.

What you can do, for example, to check on a monthly / bimonthly new artists via youtube or spotify. Watch highlights of an unknown genre for you.

4. Have small goals instead of unrealistic goals

It would be highly unrealistic if I would say … I decide today to become a professional footballer and wants to sit next week in the Dutch national team. So it is the same learning guitar. You may want to learn it so fast, but it has nothing with your speed, but to make the right steps. Small goals that will give you a permanent structured basic. So put yourself not set the bar too high .. (about 2 weeks I want to play three songs). No turn it around … make small reachable goals that keep you motivated and can pick it up at a later time.

5. Choose a fixed day of classes and provide structure

Every day you rehearse at least 15 minutes, but I advise you to choose one weekly fixed day of classes. This is the day where you have a new guitarlesson or where you teach a new skill. The remaining six days, you practice your lesson. Structure ensures peace and motivates, because you know when you need something now and when you go back to learn something new🙂

6. Keep pleasure while playing guitar

What is obviously the most important thing is that you keep having fun playing the guitar. Making music is good for your development, a perfect hobby and it can also be very soothing. In short .. music is for everyone, but it keeps the fun of it, because that is the number one tip to stay motivated!


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