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Distortion guitar effects are effects that modify the sound itself. This is done by let the sound clip / overload  which alter the properties of sound and harmonics are audible. The effects provide a warm ” ripping ” guitar sound like much used in the Grunge , Rock and Heavy Metal, but also in less extent in most other music genres.


Extreme distortion, blocking . In contrast to other effects pedals, such as overload and distortion,  the Fuzzbox enchanced and attenuates the signals in a manner which give the sound somewhat more classical , soft tone . The Fuzz sound also tends more towards the mids than other distortion pedals.

      1. demo Fuzz (GuitarInsite)

Fuzz with additional settings

      2. demo Fuzz - Wah-Wah Combinatie (GuitarInsite)

Combination of Fuzz with a wah – wah pedal

The deformation of the fuzz effect is caused by the so-called allow clipping of the audio signal.

In technical terms, the sinus or sound wave is completely cut off until it is almost changed into a block shape . The successive images you can see what happens when when you gain more runs open. 

Light overload
Overdrive , distortion

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