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Do you want to record vocals at your PC, Mac or maybe even iPad? And you want to know how you can record your voice at high quality? And what equipment you need? Then here is a complete listing of all steps and components to take a look at and think about.

Choose a good vocal microphone

Good voice recording starts with a good vocal microphone. This could be a live microphone that singers often use on stage. Like the pictures below:

Samson Q8

Samson Q6
Shure SM58-LC
Q8 Samson Q6 Samson SM58-LC Shure


These are all fine vocal microphones on stage. But definitely not the best vocal microphones for good (home) studio quality recordings. You can use it just fine with a good result, but it just could be a lot better. The disadvantage of this hand-held microphones is that they simply are not as sensitive. It’s better if you keep them in your hand on stage to sing. But not if you want to record your voice with great detail and a beautiful natural sound. So what is better?


(Home) Studio Condensator Microfoons

Condenser microphones are microphones that get a bit stream so that the microphone element is super sensitive. This makes them unfit for live use because they would absorb much more blowing and wind noise. And you can not hold. But so perfectly suited to record very good vocals in a studio or home studio or your own room studio!

SE Electronics X1 USB

Samson C01U
sE Electronics X1 PAK STUDIO USB
X1 USB sE Electronics C01U Samson

X1 PAK STUDIO USB sE Electronics

  • These three examples give you two options immediately. Whether you choose a good USB microphone singing, whether you choose a standard condenser microphone with a USB sound card.

USB microphone or USB Microphone / Sound Combination?

 What can you choose the best and what’s the difference? The difference is that USB microphones have built a small mini USB sound card into the microphone, which is why they are USB microphones. But this is for the slightly less quality because the electronics, of course, is somewhat simpler and cheaper. 

Studio Condenser microphone with built-in USB (USB microphones) are cheaper and sounds good for recording vocals. Need more features and better sound for recording vocals? Choose a USB microphone / sound combination. Other advantages of the various combination packages thing is that you get the extra accessories like standard pop filter, good software immediately get on with great discount!
Would you not make too expensive buy a good USB microphone. Do you have more budget and you still want the accessories, choose a combination package with USB sound card.

Standing or sitting sing? choosing standard

You can sing beautifully, or you want to learn singing? You can better sit or stand while singing? Vocal teachers give you the advice to stand while singing! Why? A sitting posture is just slightly less great for your lungs and breathing technique! BUT here we can notice right away: You really do not ever need your maximum breathing. And standing all the time isn’t not always practical and efficient. So just sit at your table or desk and work on your music can sometimes be just as useful and sometimes much more efficient. Especially if you’re just glad to work with music. So choose, for example, a standard that you seem practical, you can always buy it later, it’s not too expensive.

Samson MK10

Samson MD3
MK10 Samson  

MD3 Samson

Pop filter

Do you want to record good songs? Then you can hardly do without a pop filter.  A pop filter blocks the air currents that cause noise.

SE POP sE Electronics SE Electronics SE POP

SE DUAL POP sE Electronics 


Music Software, Recording Programs

Free software: Audicity

The Ableton Live Lite recording software
Studio One
Pro Tools

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